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Robin Class Yr 1 and Yr 2

Welcome to Robin Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Term 1, 2021 - Project Overview - The Enchanted Wood

Welcome to Term One and our adventure into the Enchanted Wood!  This term we will be working in role as the Enchanted Woodland Trust solving all kinds of woodland related problems. This will be a purposeful and meaningful way to learn all about seasonal changes,  woodland habitats, simple woodland food chains, different kinds of animals and to learn to develop our mapping skills.  We are looking forward to a great first term!



Term 1 Week 2


This week Robins have begun this term's Mantle of the Expert project, co creating a story of a lost key found in a mysterious wood.  We imagined and created the wood, working on our mapping skills, and they then discovered that, in the story this, Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma had lost it on the way to see the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust to ask for their help.  After a narrow escape with the wolf, Grandma had become concerned that there was a lone wolf in the woods, as wolves haven't been seen for hundreds of years and they live in packs.  She had heard that the villagers, who live near Little Red Riding Hood wanted to track down the wolf to kill him and she wanted help to save him.  


The class, in role as Trust members, agreed to do some more research on wolves and try and track him down to talk to him.  We researched wolves alongside woodland animals and their diets and looked at ariel maps and physical and human features.  In English, we imagined were the villagers, describing the wolf and creating Have you seen the wolf posters.


In maths, we have been helping the inhabitants of the Faraway Tree with a range of problems, by sorting, counting and representing different numbers accurately.


In dance, we have begun to learn a range of dance moves, including some retro robotics, which they have been really enjoying, whilst developing our ball skills in our second PE session.

Term 1 week 1


The children have settled in really well to the different routine and expectations within the same classroom.  We have made the most of the lovely weather to use the Forest School area to kick off our Enchanted Wood theme, creating James Brunt inspired temporary natural sculptures, taking tree rubbings and exploring the end of the season of summer by doing observational drawings of leaves. The children also chose a sycamore tree in the Forest School to observe all year round in terms of a habitat and to investigate seasonal changes.  



I am working my way through hearing all children read 1:1 to ensure they have a reading book at their correct level.  They can also choose a reading for pleasure book of their choice from our reading corner to take home and share.  We have continued with the Reading for Pleasure suitcase and I have added another of my own too.  The children are really enjoying the Enchanted Wood story so far and we have been thinking about the kind of land we'd love to explore.


We have also been learning some new songs to sing together and practicing our dance skills.  It's been a busy first week!

Just a quick reminder for all children to bring their book bags and water bottles in every day. 

Miss Winter

Pudding Lane