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Robin Class Yr 1 and Yr 2

Welcome to Robin Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Term 5 - Street Detectives - Let's explore the history and geography of East Challow


This term we will be working as geographers exploring our local area and applying our previously learned knowledge of physical and human features to identify and examine examples in our locality. 

We will be working as historians using our knowledge of map reading to compare changes in maps of East Challow from past and present.  We will research and explore the history of our own school and see how and why the school has changed since it began.


As part of our learning, we will be working in role as expert school detectives, working out where the school used to be and how it came to move.  We will create a guide on it’s history for new school parents and the community.


In DT, we will be beginning to work on our sewing skills, creating fabric collages and embellishing them with sewn buttons, whilst in Art we will continue to explore the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, exploring collage and the use of fabrics.  In addition, we will be contrasting our rural landscape and architecture by looking at the urban art and architecture of Rizzie and Zaha Hadid.



Term 5—English



Focus texts:  Hermelin, A Street Through Time

Text type, purpose and audience:  Fiction - writing to entertain.  A diary entry by Hermelin about another lost object for the readers of the Hermelin books to enjoy

Text type, purpose and audience:  Non fiction - writing to inform - Writing a chronological report of the history of our school for prospective parents and newer members of the village community



Focus texts: Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure, Shirley Hughes Out and About - Spring


Fluency, vocabulary, retrieval and inference, connections



Term 5 - Street Detectives - Medium Term Learning Overview of the term

This term's project is called Paws, Claws and Whiskers, which focusses strongly on science looking at animals and their groupings, geography through the contrast of Whitby to the inland Amazon regions, and art techniques around line, pattern and tone.  PE will continue to take place on Mondays and Fridays this term, focussing on dance and playground games. 

Term 3 week 3

This week, Robin Class have started to write their own versions of the Storm Whale story, changing some of the characters and the animal found on the sand after the storm.  Alongside this we have begun our new geography focussed Mantle of the Expert story, working in role as a Television Research Company, tasked by Whitby Tourist Board with researching into the coastal town of Whitby and figuring out how to encourage more tourists to visit in winter and spring, rather than in the warmer seasons.


In maths, we have continued to work on our addition skills, gaining confidence to add by counting on accurately.  In DT we worked in pairs to plan a strong model of a beach hut, learning how to join in different ways and strengthen the sides of the structure so the design would stand up to the wind and rain. We have continued to work on our ball skills in PE, thinking about how to use tactics when marking others.

Term 3 Week 2

In maths, we have been continuing to work on addition, thinking carefully about using our number facts to add.  In design and technology, we have been learning more about beach huts, in preparation for making our own out of card. 


Across the first two weeks we have been learning to tell The Storm Whale by Benji Davies. We used objects to create the setting for the story and have now learned to tell it with actions, both as a whole class and in groups and pairs.  The children have been fantastic at learning the story to tell.  I wonder if they can tell it to you?  The story is given below, in case they need a little prompting.


Noi was a little boy with short coal black hair who lived with his dad and six cats by the sea.  Everyday, Noi’s dad left early for a long day on his fishing boat.   

One night, a great storm raged around the little house and in the morning Noi went to the beach to see what had been left behind.  He spotted something in the distance.  As he got closer, Noi could not believe his eyes!  It was a little whale washed up on the sand.  

He knew it wasn’t good for the whale to be out of water so he took it home.  Noi did everything he could do to make the whale feel at home. He told stories about life on the island and the whale was an excellent listener.  However, he was worried his dad would be angry about having a whale in the tub.  Somehow, he kept his secret safe all evening but he knew it couldn’t last.  Noi’s dad wasn’t angry but he said they must take the whale back to the sea where it belonged.  Noi knew it was the right thing to do.  It was hard to say goodbye so he was glad his dad was there with him.  Noi often thought about the storm whale and he hoped that one day soon he would see his friend again. 

Term 2 2021 - Learning Overview - Childhood

Term 2 Week 6


This week, Robin Class have been honing their design and technology skills, exploring wheels and axels, designing, making and painting their own toy wheeled vehicles, ready to evaluate the finished products next week.  They have been working on their safe sawing skills to create axels for their vehicles, whilst considering different ways of joining pieces.   


They were superstars at the nativity performances, giving their all with their singing, dancing and acting and it was lovely to have the opportunity to share it with parents.  


In geography, they have created their own aerial maps of an imagined world, highlighting physical and human features and creating a map key.  In history, they explored the history of television and created an historical television timeline.  A very busy week!

Term 2 Week 5


This week Robin Class have been learning more about life in the 1950s and how it is similar and different to life today.  We have been comparing indoor and outdoor scenes, noticing how different and small televisions were and how children played outside much more as there were so few cars around.  In PSHE, we have been thinking about people who can help us, both in our own families and in the wider community.  We have continued to practise our nativity play and are now very good at the class dance!  In English, we wrote and edited some great character descriptions. 


In maths we have been looking at part part whole models and how we can create at least four calculations from them (we call them fact families).  We were seeing how the parts can add together (in this case two parts, but it could be more) to make the whole, how we can subtract by removing one of the parts from the whole and work out missing numbers by seeing the relationship between the different parts.

Term 2 Week 4


This week, Robin Class have been focussing on practising the nativity play, which is coming along really well.  They are looking forward to their costume fittings, which will take place next week.  If you haven't yet sent in a plastic bag, please you could send one in by next Monday.


In geography, we looked at a map of an area from 1950s and today, discussing the what had stayed the same, what had changed, thinking of the reasons for any changes and spotting the changing physical and human features in both maps.  Our next step will be to create our own.  In history, working within our role as the History Detectives, we recorded what we had found out about the special coronation mug, getting ready to send this information off to the Living History Museum.  In English we have planned a new, elderly character for our story, whilst in maths we have been working on our addition skills, as well as recapping our number bonds.


We will be looking at the results of the children's homework around favourite family toys and Christmas traditions soon, so if the completed homework could come in next week that would be really helpful.  I have already had quite a few in and it seems like the children have enjoyed finding these things out about their own families.

Term 2 Week 3


This week Robin Class were able to interview a visitor virtually in their role as the History Detectives, to find out more about an artefact that has been found in an old lady's house in our Mantle story.  The artefact was a mysterious mug.  The History Detectives asked Mrs Williams some detailed questions and were able to find out that it was a coronation mug to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II coronation in 1953.  We talked to her about what life was life in 1953 and the children were surprised to hear that most people didn't have televisions and bought got them specifically to watch the coronation.  They found it hard to imagine a world without video games and computers and were particularly shocked to hear that there was no phone in Mrs Williams house in the 1950s. They learned that an artefact is an object from history and that Mrs Williams is a primary source as she lived through the 1950s so could tell them directly what it was like.  In English, they also created a more detailed description of one of the older characters in our story.



In maths we continued to explore addition and how parts combined to make a whole amount, as well as working on our number bonds and counting in 2s and 5s.


We did our first run through of the play, continuing to learn the songs, dance and where everyone needs to be and at what time.  Lots still to learn but we are getting there!


The children thoroughly enjoyed the cinema trip this week and seemed to really enjoy the film.  They behaved very well both on the coach and in the cinema.

Term 2 Week 2


This week Robin Class have been learning our new story to tell as a class and in groups and then wrote the section of the story focussed around the characters.  We visited our woodland habitat and noticed the changing signs of autumn, looking at the deciduous and evergreen trees and how the leaves had altered.  In PE, we have focussed on our control in gym by working in pairs during floorwork, whilst in dance we have begun to learn our nativity dance.  In music, we have also begun to learn our nativity songs. We continued our work around the portraits of Kehinde Wiley in art, creating self portraits by observing closely and creating personal oil pastel backgrounds.


In maths, we have been looking at money, recognising and counting coins and notes and solving simple problems.

Term 2 Week 1


This week, Robin Class have really enjoyed the kick off to our new history driven Childhood project.  We explored a mystery artefact (which turned out to be a silver Victorian rattle) and wondered what it could be for and how it could tell us about the past.  This led us to create an imaginary museum.  We drew and represented artefacts we would like to see in a museum.  We realised that it would take an expert team of history detectives to solve uncover the mysteries that artefacts might hold.  A new mantle commission awaits The new History Detectives team.


In English, we began to learn to the story of Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge and explored the idea of memories and how they can sometimes be lost.  In maths we began our work on addition, thinking about parts combined to make a whole.


In art, we started to look at the work of portrait artist Kehinde Wiley and experimented with oil pastel flower and leaf patterns, using his portrait backgrounds as inspiration.

Term 1, 2021 - Project Overview - The Enchanted Wood

Welcome to Term One and our adventure into the Enchanted Wood!  This term we will be working in role as the Enchanted Woodland Trust solving all kinds of woodland related problems. This will be a purposeful and meaningful way to learn all about seasonal changes,  woodland habitats, simple woodland food chains, different kinds of animals and to learn to develop our mapping skills.  We are looking forward to a great first term!



Term 1 Week 7


In Robin Class this week we have successfully concluded our work around the Enchanted Wood by completing the Enchanted Wood book and planning and throwing an enchanted tea party to encourage the villagers back into the woods.  They loved making and eating the fairy sized fruit kebabs and crispy cakes, working on their weighing and knife skills. They have also written up their nature poems onto copies of their beautiful fern prints, which look really striking.  They thought carefully about how to present their poetry.


In maths, we have completed our place value work and are ready to move onto addition next term.

The children have also enjoyed visiting the prayer space within the church.


Please note, that children will need to come into school in their PE kit on Tuesdays next term, when we will be doing floor work in gym, alongside working on our nativity dance on another day (they won't need to be in PE kit for this second activity).

Term 1 Week 6


This week the children have been working on creating patterned poems to celebrate the joy of the woods, exploring the Forest School area and noticing the changing signs of autumn.  The poems are part of their plan to encourage the villagers back into the Enchanted Wood, following the departure of the wolf and they are currently working on a range of plans to help the villagers to see the beauty of the woods once again.  They have some ambitious plans!


In art, the children have been exploring colour mixing, by mixing primary colours to see the subtle changes and creating illustrated back drops for their nature poems by creating watercolour fern prints.  They loved watching the colours mix and merge on the wet watercolour paper!


In maths we have continued to work on place value, becoming more secure on tens and ones and seeing numbers in different ways.  We continue to work on our number bonds to 10 and 20.


In PSHE, we celebrated our uniqueness and considered how wonderful our diversity is through the picture book Elmer.  We thought about what we gain from our differences as well the things we have in common.  We created a giant Elmer in paper patchwork pieces that reflected each of us.

Term 1 Week 5


This week Robin Class has been consolidating their knowledge of British trees by looking at a range of leaves closely, identifying them and painting pictures of them using watercolours.  They have continued to work in role as the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust to plan and carry out an effective rescue of the wolf.  They managed to get him successfully back to top of the Faraway Tree, where it is hoped he have been reunited with his pack.  The team thought carefully about how they would keep the wolf calm, what food a wolf eats and how to camouflage him to protect him from the villagers detecting him.  Grandma was thrilled to hear this news but was worried to hear that the villagers are now avoiding the woods and seem to have forgotten what beauty it holds, so persuading the villagers back into the woods will be the next challenge for the team.


In English, we looked at the non- fiction text, the Magic and Mystery of Trees, revisiting our knowledge of different kinds of trees, different parts of trees and how trees change through the seasons.  We made connections between the book and our own lives, thinking of the plants and trees we have seen, woods we have visited and plants we may have helped grow.


In maths we have continued to work on place value, understanding tens and ones and how to partition numbers, which included printing numbers accurately using Diennes tens and ones, whilst in music we have continued to learn new songs to share in class and practice our harvest songs.  

Term 1 week 4


This week Robin Class have been working in role tracking the wolf, whilst exploring the different physical and human features in the Enchanted Wood.  They found him hiding in caves and showed immense respect when talking to him, discovering that he was frightened and hungry as he had come down the Faraway Tree from a different land and had become lost.  The team reassured him they would be back to rescue him once they had made a plan to get him from the caves to the Faraway Tree without the villagers detecting them.  They spent time examining the map for the best route.  Next week, the rescue will be planned and undertaken.


In science, the children have explored the idea of simple food chains, recapping terminology around omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.  Children represented different parts of food chains, such as nut, mouse and owl to understand them better.


In art, the children designed and created clay faces of imaginary creatures that might live in the Faraway Tree.  They used natural materials from trees to create texture and marks, working with care, to ensure that the clay wasn't too thin.

In maths, the children worked on finding one more and one less than numbers and also undertook some accurate measuring in cms for Moonface who needed an accurate template to make different sized cushions for the Slippery Slip.


We've also shared and enjoyed the picture book Tidy by Emily Gravett, alongside reading the Enchanted Wood, and are learning two new songs.  

Term 1 Week 3


This week Robins have drawn and used watercolours to paint the imagined lands they would like to see at the top of the Faraway Tree. We then focused on using strong adjectives to describe objects in the paintings ready to write a setting description of the lands next week. In maths we have been working on securing our number bonds (pairs of numbers) to 10 and 20 and also looking at how we undo these with subtraction.


In art, we examined our tiny matchbox items and drew them, focusing on looking closely and noticing the darker and lighter areas through a focus on tone. We then imagined and recorded what a magical creature might use the object for.


In science, we learned more about woodland animals, their habitats and their diet, whilst in our Mantle work, in role as the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust, we studied the Enchanted Wood map to locate grandma's house, spot physical and human features and to consider the possible places a wolf might choose to hide. We prepared our equipment ready to go on an expedition to track the wolf, which will be doing next week.

Term 1 Week 2


This week Robins have begun this term's Mantle of the Expert project, co creating a story of a lost key found in a mysterious wood.  We imagined and created the wood, working on our mapping skills, and they then discovered that, in the story this, Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma had lost it on the way to see the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust to ask for their help.  After a narrow escape with the wolf, Grandma had become concerned that there was a lone wolf in the woods, as wolves haven't been seen for hundreds of years and they live in packs.  She had heard that the villagers, who live near Little Red Riding Hood wanted to track down the wolf to kill him and she wanted help to save him.  


The class, in role as Trust members, agreed to do some more research on wolves and try and track him down to talk to him.  We researched wolves alongside woodland animals and their diets and looked at ariel maps and physical and human features.  In English, we imagined were the villagers, describing the wolf and creating Have you seen the wolf posters.


In maths, we have been helping the inhabitants of the Faraway Tree with a range of problems, by sorting, counting and representing different numbers accurately.


In dance, we have begun to learn a range of dance moves, including some retro robotics, which they have been really enjoying, whilst developing our ball skills in our second PE session.

Term 1 week 1


The children have settled in really well to the different routine and expectations within the same classroom.  We have made the most of the lovely weather to use the Forest School area to kick off our Enchanted Wood theme, creating James Brunt inspired temporary natural sculptures, taking tree rubbings and exploring the end of the season of summer by doing observational drawings of leaves. The children also chose a sycamore tree in the Forest School to observe all year round in terms of a habitat and to investigate seasonal changes.  



I am working my way through hearing all children read 1:1 to ensure they have a reading book at their correct level.  They can also choose a reading for pleasure book of their choice from our reading corner to take home and share.  We have continued with the Reading for Pleasure suitcase and I have added another of my own too.  The children are really enjoying the Enchanted Wood story so far and we have been thinking about the kind of land we'd love to explore.


We have also been learning some new songs to sing together and practicing our dance skills.  It's been a busy first week!

Just a quick reminder for all children to bring their book bags and water bottles in every day. 

Miss Winter

Here are the key songs, rhymes and poems that we learn in Robin Class

Family Maths at St Nics

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At St Nic's in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, as well as providing all children with their own maths pack, we use Family Maths activities, which are really practical maths activities to undertake at home as a family to help foster positivity and curiosity around maths. Please view the video below for more information.

Pudding Lane