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Robin Class Reception & Year 1

Welcome to Robin Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Term 5 Project Overview - Bright Lights Big City

Week 3

This week Robin Class have learned two songs: "Flow, flow, flow" and "Loaves of bread and puddings and pies" to help them remember some more facts about The Great Fire of London.  Year 1 have learned lots of new vocabulary such as "inferno" "tinder-dry" and "maid" to help them write about the events of the disastrous fire in more detail.  Reception have been writing words on flames to decorate our bakery in Pudding Lane.


We have enjoyed practising our cutting skills, as well as being designers with the Lego to build Buckingham Palace and to design boats to help the people of London in 1666 flee with their possessions.  We have also begun to build a model of Buckingham Palace out of boxes.


Appreciation leaves:

In Robins this week, I would like to nominate Caitlin, Emily, Milla and Alfie for an appreciation leaf as they not only made their ‘Royal family’ and re-enacted a royal wedding with them, they also organised themselves and filmed it, with Caitlin directing proceedings.  It was a great example of independence and challenging themselves. They also had to be incredibly resilient when things didn’t go as planned!

We would also like to nominate Sophie for always being so sunny and smiley and putting others before herself in such a caring and gentle way.

Week 2

Robins have been drawing story maps to sequence the Great Fire of London as well as learning lots of new vocabulary to use in their writing. In my afternoons with them, I have been impressed with their knowledge of fire which was shared with me at length after our ‘Fire Drill’ on Thursday afternoon.  They have also been learning more about our Royal family with me and this week we learned that the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.  We have been doing portraits of the royal family, recreating Buckingham Palace in Lego, and continuing to think about what we would do if we were a king or queen.  They have also been learning about the Jewish faith and we have begun to make Mezuzah.  We will continue this learning next week too.

Week 1

Robins have been looking at the Great Fire of London in their topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ and spent time looking closely at fire using magnifier glasses.  They have been re-enacting the start of it in Pudding lane in the role play area. They have also been learning about the Queen as it was her birthday (21st April).  Did you know the Queen has two birthdays?  On Wednesday afternoon we looked at her coronation and we made our own crowns.  We also practiced curtseying and bowing to royalty (just in case).

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