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Robin Class Reception & Year 1

Welcome to Robin Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Message from Mrs McConaghy


Thank you to everybody at St Nics, the staff, parents and most importantly the children. It will always be a special place to me as it is where Martha came to school and it has been wonderful to see it grow into the school it is today. I know with the great team of staff and the wonderful children it will continue to be a success.

I will miss you all.

Mrs McConaghy


Message from Mrs Butler


Working at St Nicholas for the past 3 years has been a delight. Working at both the top and bottom ends of the school clarified for me the importance of every single step in your child's learning journey and I am proud to have been part of their school experience. My decision to leave was not an easy one to make, however, I believe that in life you have to keep challenging yourself in order to grow as a person and that is what I intend to do.

With Mrs Richards at the helm, the school community has embraced all of the recent challenges thrown at it and is using them to innovate, evolve and set new and exciting goals for its future and I wish you all the very best of luck;

Go St Nics!

Mrs Butler

Term 6- Project Overview Splendid Skies

Week 6


Robins have been enjoying the fine weather this week and I have enjoyed watching them explore the environment around them. Birds nests have been discovered, alongside other creatures and we even rescued a bumble bee again this week!. They all seem very grown up at the moment and definitely ready for the new challenges next year will hold.

Week 5


In preparation for our trip to the Zoo, Robins have been looking carefully at different styles of art depicting animals.  The children experimented with paints, pastels, pencils and crayons as well as different types and colours of paper to choose the best combination to re-create a small part of their chosen painting using a viewfinder.  Their results look really professional!


We also heard the story Dear Zoo and reception children used their phonic knowledge to write a letter to the zoo asking to be sent some different animals!  Don't worry, we won't post them!


Appreciation leaves:

Jack has been trying really hard to be the best he can be this week, being kind, helping his classmates and his teachers and being enthusiastic about his work.

Jake for supporting his nursery buddy really sensitively during Sports Day practice.

The whole of Robins Class for being super at Marwell Zoo.

Week 4

Robins have been working hard with Kingfishers this week to learn and practise the activities for next week's Sports Day - they have all shown resilience and teamwork as they got to grips with the skills they needed and supported each other with words of encouragement. Year 1 have been exploring adjectives to describe the weather and have planned a weather poem which they are looking forward to writing up in their neatest handwriting. We have all been exploring clocks and thinking about what the clock looks like when it is o'clock or half past and exploring how to sequence events during our day using words such as before, after, then, next, and finally.

Appreciation leaves: Arthur for designing a wind machine from the craft stores and coaching his classmates how to make their own. Miss Winter for organising a lovely Bears and Books Evening. Louie for trying really hard in phonics with Mrs Birch. Oscar for working hard on the word jigsaws because he wanted to get better.

Week 3

Robins class were actually quite excited about the rain this week as it meant their rain gauges started to fill up!  They have been measuring and observing whether the water level was rising or falling and even predicting how much water the sun might make evaporate. We have been exploring time by making our own beautiful watches and have been on a coin treasure hunt too! 


In PE we have been testing our reactions in a human goal game and our number reaction wall and starting practicing for our Sports Day.



We were also spellbound by the story in Mrs Richard's tent when we saw our reading for pleasure suitcase for the very first time.  

Congratulations to Harlow who was our first recipient.


Appreciation Leaves

Lacey for trying her best to be brave and speak up in class to share her brilliant thoughts and ideas.

Arthur for persevering all week to make good choices and achieve his goal of getting an appreciation leaf - he has shown great determination.

Beatrice - for doing some beautiful independent writing and practising at home to get even better at it.

Jamie for practising his reading at home and being proud enough about it to come and share with his teachers.

Mrs Birch would like to nominate – Roman for trying very hard to be the best he can be all week long. Well done for being a good role model to your class mates.


Week 2


Yet another busy week for the Robins Class Meteorologists.  They have been busy working in groups to replicate some of the data collecting equipment that the TV weather forecasters use to help us know what the weather will be each day.  They have made an anemometer for measuring the wind, a rain gauge (obviously for the rain), a sundial and a barometer.  We have used all that we have learnt so far to write a weather report. We have also been thinking about capacity and the words we use to describe it such as full, empty, nearly full, almost empty, more than, less than.  We have also had fun with shadows making structures with blocks and pipe cleaners and then drawing around the shadows they make - we noticed the shadows were in different places at different times of the day.


Appreciation Leaves:

Isabelle - for really showing how sensible she can be in readiness for Year 2, Arthur for being kind and saving an exhausted Bumble Bee. Tyler for always thinking of others and trying his hardest to do the right thing, even when it isn’t always easy.

Week 1


What a great first week back Robins have had.  The children have been able to make the most of the weather out in the garden with the new water funnels and have been demonstrating patience, teamwork and resilience when building obstacle courses.  In PE they showed great determination, critical thinking and teamwork skills in learning a brand new strategy game.  Our new topic has given us the opportunity to begin explore the world of weather forecasting; we have some great future meteorologists in our midst! We have talked about the changing seasons and Year 1 have created their own seasons poem. Our new maths carousel has been fun, the children are applying their maths skills every day after lunch to a range of games and activities to consolidate fundamental maths skills.


Appreciation leaves: Yusuf who has aimed high in his writing this week and Mrs Birch would like to nominate Jake for being the best he can be in her phonics group by using careful listening to follow instructions first time every time.

Mrs. McConaghy would like to give Lucah a leaf for showing kindness towards his friends and also Violet for listening well this week and for showing kindness towards others.

Term 5 Project Overview - Bright Lights Big City

Week 6

Robins have been designers and builders this week working towards building a Tudor house each so we can recreate Pudding Lane and watch it burn down as our final activity in our Great Fire of London topic. We have enjoyed the story of The Little Red Hen and have been writing story maps and retelling the story with our lolly stick puppets.  We have also been computer programmers sending our Beebots and Code-a-Pillar on journeys around the classroom and on our hand-made Beebot mats.  Our environment is important to us, so some of us have been making our own cardboard vases to put our flower collections in as well as using grabbers to collect litter from the field at lunchtime.

We have been investigating waterproof materials too, thinking about different materials to make a bucket from, to put out the ‘Great Fire of London’. 



Appreciation leaves

 Sofia has been making really good choices this week and all of reception have been working really hard on their phonics. Flynn has also been really focused on being the best he can be.  Well done

Pudding Lane

Week 5


This week, Robin class have been having fun creating Tudor house collages and investigating the waterproof properties of different materials to learn about how The Great Fire of London was extinguished.  In phonics, reception are now revising their phase 2 digraphs and have revisited ee, ay, igh and ow (blow the snow) this week as well as still practicing our single letter sounds.  The children are also becoming really familiar with their "Must" and common exception words which is really boosting their confidence when reading and writing.  In maths, Year 1 have learned a game called "Strike it out" to use their addition and subtraction skills and reception have been counting dots to park dominoes as well as making number sentences with cubes.


Appreciation Leaves

Arthur and Rupert have both been very grown-up and kind in lots of their choices this week in order to help other children and to support friends when they were feeling down

Week 4


Robins have been busy making Buckingham Palace this week and learning about the festival of Eid.  We made some mosques, and wrote ‘Eid Mubarak’ cards for friends and family.  We are looking forward to Yusuf telling us more about it next week.


I was also very impressed with the resilience shown by Emily, Sebastian, Arthur, Jake, Ellie and Caitlin in maths this week when Mrs Mallinson and myself came to visit.  They had to persevere for a long time to try and find the route out of the maze which added up to exactly 100.  Definitely worth a resilience pencil!


Appreciation Leaves

For Ellie for being such a kind and caring member of the class, who is a fantastic role model to the younger children.  Jack because I can see how hard he is trying with his learning every day and he really does want to be the best he can be.

Week 3

This week Robin Class have learned two songs: "Flow, flow, flow" and "Loaves of bread and puddings and pies" to help them remember some more facts about The Great Fire of London.  Year 1 have learned lots of new vocabulary such as "inferno" "tinder-dry" and "maid" to help them write about the events of the disastrous fire in more detail.  Reception have been writing words on flames to decorate our bakery in Pudding Lane.


We have enjoyed practising our cutting skills, as well as being designers with the Lego to build Buckingham Palace and to design boats to help the people of London in 1666 flee with their possessions.  We have also begun to build a model of Buckingham Palace out of boxes.


Appreciation leaves:

In Robins this week, I would like to nominate Caitlin, Emily, Milla and Alfie for an appreciation leaf as they not only made their ‘Royal family’ and re-enacted a royal wedding with them, they also organised themselves and filmed it, with Caitlin directing proceedings.  It was a great example of independence and challenging themselves. They also had to be incredibly resilient when things didn’t go as planned!

We would also like to nominate Sophie for always being so sunny and smiley and putting others before herself in such a caring and gentle way.

Week 2

Robins have been drawing story maps to sequence the Great Fire of London as well as learning lots of new vocabulary to use in their writing. In my afternoons with them, I have been impressed with their knowledge of fire which was shared with me at length after our ‘Fire Drill’ on Thursday afternoon.  They have also been learning more about our Royal family with me and this week we learned that the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.  We have been doing portraits of the royal family, recreating Buckingham Palace in Lego, and continuing to think about what we would do if we were a king or queen.  They have also been learning about the Jewish faith and we have begun to make Mezuzah.  We will continue this learning next week too.

Week 1

Robins have been looking at the Great Fire of London in their topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ and spent time looking closely at fire using magnifier glasses.  They have been re-enacting the start of it in Pudding lane in the role play area. They have also been learning about the Queen as it was her birthday (21st April).  Did you know the Queen has two birthdays?  On Wednesday afternoon we looked at her coronation and we made our own crowns.  We also practiced curtseying and bowing to royalty (just in case).

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