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Red Kite Class Yr 5 and Yr6

Welcome to Red Kite Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Term 1 Week 2


This week we have looked more closely at model biography texts in order to be able to write out own about Henry 'Box' Brown. Having collected words and phrases that will help us with our writing, we have worked together to write an opening and some information about his early life. I have been pleased with the effort that the children have put into their writing and the resilience they all showed when editing and re-writing their opening paragraph. 


Maths has felt a little unusual as we have been modelling problems, either without numbers or without a question that needs to be answered. Everyone has improved in their ability to explain what the parts and whole are in a range of word problems. This may have been helped by some impromptu modelling using Premiership data on Wednesday morning!


Our topic has led to many deep and thoughtful conversations. We have found out that John Hawkins was the first British slave trader and that he kidnapped many people with Queen Elizabeth I's permission. The numbers of people transported from Africa to the Caribbean shocked us all and led to many questions that we will try to answer over the next few weeks. 

Term 1 week 1


It is hard to believe that we have been back for just over a week as so much seems to have happened in the last 6 days.

We have made a start on out new project: Maafa. The name of our project comes from a Swahili word and is one of many new words we have already encountered as we have begun to learn more about how the histories of Africa, The West Indies and Britain are linked. The children have begun to work as historians to uncover the role that the Portugues and Spanish had in establishing a European presence in the New World; next week we will dig deeper into how England became involved in the battle for power and wealth. 


In English, we have written a short autobiography as a starting point for out unit on biography writing. We have listened to the story of Henry 'Box' Brown in preparation for writing a formal biography next week. Everyone impressed me with the empathy they demonstrated when we were first learning his story. We have also started to read the book 'Freedom' by Catherine Johnson.


Working as a whole class, we looked at how we can use Cuisenaire rods to model mathematical stories. Maisie, Lottie, Timur, Willow, Mason and Lewis all impressed me with the stories they modelled. While Summer, Tyler, Bertie, Rory and Eleanor were all able to explain how the models could give us more than one piece of information.


The last week has just flown by and I have been blown away by the determination to be the best that they can be that I have seen from so many of the children. The presentation in particular has stood out.

Mrs Mallinson