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Red Kite Class Year 4, 5 & 6

Welcome to Red Kite Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.

Term 5 - Road Trip USA

Week 3

This week has really flown by! The children have done so much...In Science they explored static electricity with Mrs Ambrose and discovered how to use it to move a coke can across a table. In Art they have finished drawing their totem poles. In Computing they have learned how to use coding to make actions repeat. And in Geography they have made posters, power points or information leaflets about the physical geography of the USA. 


Having completed our shared writing of a new chapter for The Imagination Box, the children have written their own chapter endings making sure to finish with a cliff hanger. We have decided not to edit our own writing this week, but to leave it until next week so that we have a chance to forget what it is supposed to say. Hopefully this will help us to see what it actually says and fix any mistakes we have made.


In maths, Year 6 have continued with ratio and have begun to think about using ratio to scale up and down. Meanwhile, Year 4 and 5 have looked at addition and subtraction with mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have also ventured into multiplication with fractions after we reminded ourselves that this is just repeated addition.

Week 2

This week we have enjoyed starting to learn more about the USA. We have used atlases to locate key physical features and attractions as well as beginning to think about how the location of the country affects its climate. In RE we have begun to explore the beliefs around heaven and life after death that people of diverse faiths, and none, have. We were amazed by how many different faiths there are worldwide. 

In Ultimate Frisbee, many of the children showed resilience. Trying over and over to improve their back-hand throw so the frisbee could be caught easily by a partner. Year 4 and 5 have also shown resilience in their work on mixed-numbers and improper fractions, while Year 6 have been tackling ratio.

We have continued with our Imagination Box chapter, and I have been very impressed with how imaginative the children have been in deciding what is in the box. They have all risen to the challenge to write more each day, making sure to include the different grammatical features we have discussed. 

Week 1

Our topic this term is Road Trip USA and we have started by working together to create the parts of a class totem pole. We have also begun to think about ways that North America differs from Europe.  In English, we are writing our own chapter for our class novel 'The imagination box' and have spent some time collecting vocabulary and writing an engaging opening. On Tuesday afternoon the children had their first coding lesson with Mrs Ambrose using Purple Mash. 

We are revisiting some of the fractions work done in Lockdown to make sure we all feel confident with this important area of maths. Keeping up with Times Tables practise will really help with this!

Term 4 - Our Family Tree


This term we have created a learning project which will be planned a fortnight at a time to allow us to respond to the changing national picture. The first two weeks focus on finding out about what life was like for older members of our families when they were growing up. You will find all the information for both week's worth of lessons in the 'mini project' overview. 


Any useful resources and ideas are suggested, and if you have children in different year groups you will notice that the expectation increases as they get older. There is a Power-Point to support the Art lessons which can be found in the Year Group files on Teams. 


By the end of this project, we hope your child will have a better understanding of the people who are important to them and be able to share these in a whole school display, celebrating our differences and also the strength we gain from our sense of belonging.


English and Maths planning will continue to be updated, and shared, weekly. 

Term 2- Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Term 1- Firedamp and Davy Lamps