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Reading For Pleasure

At St Nics we consider helping children to develop a love of reading and sharing our reading passions with them, a vital part of what we do.  Alongside inspiring children to be authors and understand more about the writing process, by enabling children to meet such authors such as Mini Grey, Richard O'Neil and Charlotte Guillain, we schedule a variety of events to celebrate the love of reading. 


Our Reading Cafe event, where children got to taste a whole host of new and wonderful children's books, was a real hit, as is our regular Bears and Books at Bedtime event, where children come back to school in their pjs to listen to bedtime stories. 


Alongside this, we recommend new and classic books every two months and do a monthly author or illustrator spotlight focussing on a diverse range of people, through our Read All About it reading for pleasure magaziner, listed below, which aims to connect children and families with the wonderful, diverse array children's books out there. Copies of these are sent out to all families, governors and interested parties and are also available at the bottom of the page.


The reading for pleasure suitcases, which have been trialled in Years 1, 2 and 3 have now been rolled out into other classes have been a great success and allowed children to borrow their own choice of books to take home, together with hot chocolate, biscuits, blanket and special cuddly reading companions.  


For the last two years we have gifted each child a book at Christmas, to help ensure that all children have a lovely book to read over the holiday.  We work hard to ensure that the books we share in the classroom and recommend for sharing at home are high quality, interesting, diverse and inclusive, to help children to both see themselves in books and also to provide a window for them onto the wider world.


We have also created our own Reading for Pleasure book spine, which is a diverse and inclusive range of books for each year groups for classroom reading corners.  We have already bought a significant number of these, but if you would like to help us get the full set, our wish list is here

Supporting Children's Reading At Home

Learning to read is a partnership between school and home and it is vitally important that children read out loud every day at home, as well as sharing books and a wide range of reading material in order to develop a love of reading through sharing books and being read to.  Here at St Nic's we believe all children can become strong, confident and engaged readers and we aim to share the pleasure of reading with children both in school and at home.  The parents' reading guide below gives you information on our reading approach and how you can support your child with reading at home.

Diverse and Inclusive Books

At St Nics, we think it is crucial to ensure the books we share with children allow them act as windows into other lives and experiences, as well as enabling all children to see themselves and their own life experiences in books.  For this reason, we have created a working list of diverse and inclusive books to help teachers with their choices and are constantly reviewing the books available in our library and book corners to ensure our books feature a range of diverse characters.  Our current edition of our working book list is below.  As teaches, we discuss, share and recommend books we have read to each other.


Alongside this, runs the No Outsiders, PSHE programme, which sits within our PSHE curriculum and using quality diverse picture and chapter books.


St Nics Read All About It Monthly Reading for Pleasure Magazine

The monthly reading for pleasure newsletter I write, recommends children's books for each year groups.  These could be new books, or old classics, but they are all books I think you will enjoy sharing at home. I have now stated where I have my own copy of the book available to lend out, so just email and ask if you would like to borrow one. In addition to the monthly recommendations, in the newsletter I provide updates on reading across the school and include author spotlight information on popular and diverse authors to keep you updated all on things reading!



Miss Winter

St Nic's English Coordinator

July and August 2022 Edition