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St Nicholas C of E Primary School East Challow

A caring community where all pupils are valued and achieve well.




St Nicholas CE Primary School



A caring community where all pupils are valued

and achieve well.

Ofsted 2013



Welcome to St Nicholas Church of England Primary School. We hope that our prospectus will give you a flavour of what our school has to offer. You are invited to come to see us at any time so please contact us on 01235 763 858 to arrange to meet the Headteacher, Mrs Elise Keymer, and to have a look around.




At the heart of everything we do at St Nicholas is our values, please take a moment to read them. At St Nicholas we have very high standards of behaviour, teaching and learning because every member of the St Nicholas community is important, created and loved by God and deserves the greatest opportunity to achieve the very best that they possibly can.


Where are we?

St Nicholas School is situated in beautiful surroundings which over-look the Vale of the White Horse. The school serves the village of East Challow as well as attracting pupils from surrounding villages, Wantage and Grove. We welcome children between the ages of four and eleven.


Academy Status and the Vale Academy Trust

On October 1st 2014 St Nicholas CE Primary School became an academy and joined the Vale Academy Trust (VAT). The VAT consists of King Alfred’s Academy, Charlton Primary School, Millbrook Primary School, Wantage CE Primary School and St James CE Primary School, East Hanney. Richard Evans is Chief Executive of the VAT and heads a team of head teachers and staff committed to providing the highest standard of education possible to all children and young people in the Wantage and Grove area.




Children are admitted in line with the Oxfordshire County Council schools admissions policy. Children who are four years old (Reception children) enter school in the September of the academic year that they will become five.


The School Day

8.45am children arrive at school

9.00am registration

10.45am – 11.00am morning break

12.00pm – 12.50pm lunch

3pm end of school day

Reception class parents and children arrive at the Reception class from 8.45am to ‘hand over’ the children to our Reception staff.

Children in Years 1 to 6 arrive from 8.45am and go straight to their class where they can prepare for the day and complete ‘morning work’ before the register is taken at 9:00am.

Punctuality is essential and ensures that children arrive at school in the right frame of mind ready for a new school day.


Disabled Access

The school is an inclusive community. The school has very good access arrangements for disabled adults and children and is responsive to the needs of everyone who joins our school community.



Safeguarding our pupils is of paramount importance and safeguarding procedures are rigorously maintained and developed.



Community Links

St Nicholas is a Church of England school. As a church school we have close links with St Nicholas Church. Visits are made to the church to celebrate Christian festivals throughout the year. The school provides a daily act of collective worship for all pupils.




The Friends of St Nicholas

Friends of St Nicholas supports the school by organising a range of social and fundraising events which benefit the school community. The term ‘Friends’ includes all children, staff, parents, governors and members of the local community. All parents automatically become members when their child starts school.

Friends of St Nicholas plays an active and enjoyable part in school life. If you would like more information about Friends of St Nicholas please contact us initially on 01235 763 858 and we will put you in contact with our current Chair.


The National Curriculum

Children at St Nicholas School follow the National Curriculum.

The curriculum is split into three stages:

1. On entry children will be in the Reception class for a year, which is sometimes known as the Foundation Stage.

2. Children then move on to Key Stage 1 which is Years 1 and 2.

3. After Key Stage 1 children move on to Key Stage 2 which is Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.


At St Nicholas we have 4 classes each taught by a teacher and teaching assistant (TA). Reception, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.

English, Maths, Science, Religious Education and ICT are known as the Core Subjects.

History, Geography, Art, PE, Design and Technology, Music and Personal, Social Health and Citizenship Education, and Spanish are known as the Foundation Subjects.

Sex and relationships education is taught to Year 5/6 and it is your right as a parent to withdraw your child from these lessons if you wish to.


Religious Education (RE)

The school provides teaching of RE for all pupils in accordance with the Oxfordshire agreed syllabus. We follow the Discovery RE curriculum, recommended by the Diocese of Oxford.


Special Educational Needs

If the school identifies a child as having special educational needs we will consult parents to discuss the type of special educational need they may have and any support that we feel they may require. We work with parents to achieve the best progress and development of each child. Parents are kept fully informed at all times and are included in any decisions taken concerning their child.

The Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at St Nicholas is currently Mrs Elise Keymer whilst Mrs Patricia Chandler is on maternity leave. Please contact the office at St Nicholas for further information and a copy of our SEN policy.


More Able Pupils

Our aim is that all pupils are provided with the optimum opportunity to develop their full potential. More able pupils are identified and provision is made to support and promote that aim.


Trips and Visits

We love to get out and about and research shows that children learn much better when they are actively involved in their learning. We aim to make our curriculum as creative as possible with each topic involving a ‘wow’ factor which is usually a trip to somewhere exciting and engaging or a visit from someone from the local community.





We value the crucial educational partnership between home and school. Homework is just one of the ways in which we seek to foster this partnership.

There is an expectation that parents will support homework in line with our Home School Partnership Agreement. Successful completion of homework is really is dependent on parental support.

We believe that throughout a child’s primary school life one of the most important opportunities we can give pupils to further their learning is to share books with adults and to read together regularly and often.

Parents can:

 Read to their child

 Support their child to read a book

 Listen to their child reading independently.

At all times this should be an enjoyable experience. Taking the time to discuss the book is an important part of this activity. Parents are asked to record any reading completed in their child’s reading record.

In addition to reading, other homework may be set when it is appropriate to support other areas of the curriculum. Some homework will encourage independent work and some homework will require parental support.

When the school sets homework we will ensure that:

 It will be clearly related to current areas of study

 The task will be explained to each child and matched to their abilities

 Timescales for completion will be made clear to the children.

A copy of our homework policy is available from the school office.



Teachers use a range of assessments on a daily basis to inform teaching and promote learning.

Children are assessed in reading, writing and maths six times a year and annually to track pupil progress.

Children are assessed throughout and at the end of the Reception year.

At the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 (Years 2 and 6) children are assessed using nationally administered SATs (Standard Attainment Tests). Our aim is to ensure that every child makes better than good progress.



There are both formal and informal opportunities throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress. Because of the vital importance of an active partnership between home and school, parents are strongly encouraged to attend parent/teacher interviews.

Autumn term: Parent/teacher interview

Spring term: Parent/teacher interview

Summer term: Annual written report

Any concerns about your child should be raised informally with their class teacher as they occur. Teachers can be available after school, by arrangement through the school office.



We believe the development of appropriate behaviour is a vital element in the child’s personal and social education and to the general well-being of the school community. Qualities of mutual respect, fair play, consideration for others and good manners are regarded as the basis for good relationships between pupils and teachers at St Nicholas School. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

The whole school community works together to develop a shared ethos, which is the basis of common standards. A copy of the school’s behaviour policy is available from the school office.


School Uniform at St Nicholas CE Primary School

The wearing of correct, smart, school uniform is very important.

Children wear clothing and shoes which are appropriate for school activities.

It is particularly important that children wear appropriate black or brown flat school shoes.

Blue sweatshirts, cardigans and white polo shirts with the school logo are on sale from two suppliers:



This is order direct for very reasonably priced school uniform.


‘PMG Schoolwear’ which is based in Faringdon.

PMG Schoolwear, 8 Regal Way, Faringdon, SN7 7BX, 01895 809 321

Their website is:

This link will take you directly to the St Nicholas section of their website:

We encourage each child to be independent and develop a sense of responsibility for their own possessions. To help us and your child, we suggest that all clothing should be clearly marked.



This company is based in Abingdon under Coxeters and they provide our PE t-shirts. You can order direct from them or order via the school.



Make Up/Jewellery

Weaing makeup is not permitted at St Nicholas. 1 stud in each earlobe is permitted.


PE Kit

Children should wear a Navy T-shirt (available from SE workwear in Abingdon) and navy shorts for PE. Navy shorts are also available from PMG Schoolwear. For outdoor PE children will need plimsolls or trainers. In winter children will need in addition a warm sweatshirt and/or tracksuit bottoms.

Earring studs must be removed or covered for PE and swimming. Long hair must be tied back for PE.

PE kit should be in school every day and should be in a named bag.



Swimming kit consisting of swimming costume, towel and cap must be brought for swimming lessons. (Caps are available from the school office - currently priced £1 please order via parentpay)



Our excellent on-site kitchen provides food cooked by King Alfred’s Academy catering service. Children may bring a packed lunch.


Healthy Eating

To support the school’s ‘Healthy Eating’ initiatives, water is available for all pupils. No child may bring sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks as part of a packed lunch. For safety reasons NO GLASS containers may be brought in by pupils. Children may bring a snack of fruit or vegetables for morning break.


School meals

Dinner money must be paid and booked by the Thursday in advance on the Monday of the week in which the meal is required. Parents may if they wish pay termly in advance. 


Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to any child whose parents receive Income Support or the Jobseeker’s Allowance. This matter is dealt with sensitively and confidentially by all staff. An application form for free school meals is available from the school office. meal must be booked in advance on Parentpay.


And Finally

We hope you have found our prospectus informative. We are very proud of St Nicholas School, we know that any pupil who joins St Nicholas will be nurtured, safe, cared-for and supported fully by both staff and pupils. They will experience great teaching and learning which is fun, engaging and meets their needs. They will be part of the family at St Nicholas which works together, plays together and worships together. They will leave us having made the best progress possible having developed the skills and personal qualities to prepare them for lifelong learning at secondary school and beyond.

If you have any further questions, please go to our website, address below, or contact us via the school office.



Mrs Elise Keymer



Giraffe Class (Reception) Miss Sarah Brombley

Dolphin Class (Years 1 and 2) Miss Nicole Winter

Falcon Class (Years 3 and 4) Mrs Katie Mallinson

Panther Class (Years 5 and 6) Mrs Elaine Butler & Mr Ian Moore


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Tina Gillies

Mrs Julie Quinn

Mrs Debbie England

Ms Becky Palmer

Mrs Sue McMillan

Mrs Julie Ambrose


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Julie Ambrose

Mrs Tina Gillies

Mrs Debbie England

Mrs Julie Quinn

Ms Becky Palmer

Mrs Sue McMillan


Administrative Officer

Miss Carla Watton


Mrs Linda Hooper


St Nicholas C of E Primary School

East Challow Wantage

Oxon OX12 9RY

Telephone No: 01235 763858


Headteacher: Mrs E Keymer