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Panther Class Year 5 and 6

Journey to another dimension


So, having reached our final term, we are beginning to think ahead more to our new destinations/classes/schools for September.  Our topic title is Journey to Another Dimension; we will be writers, poets and musicians by the end of term.  Having pondered the beauty and fragility of our planet, we will be writing poems and composing motifs to accompany them.  Our research in class and as part of our homework tasks will explore the possibility of the Human Race inhabiting other planets in our solar system!  Science will help us understand more about the Sun, Earth and Moon as well as forces such as gravity.  In maths we will be working hard to make sure we have secure methods for all four operations as well as revisiting time, statistics and data including line graphs. All of this intriguing learning will be happening alongside all of the other exciting events we have happening such as sports competitions, sports day, Bikeability, our end of year play and of course all of our events for our Year 6 leavers.  Phew!