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Panther Class Year 5 and 6

Term 2

Yet again we have another busy term ahead of us full of lots of exciting learning opportunities. Our theme  – Departures and Arrivals – is staying with us for another term and, whilst we will be continuing to look at some aspects of WW1, The British Legion for example, we will also be exploring the theme through Shaun Tan’s book The Arrival to help us discuss and reflect on emotions when going away to new places and how to manage our reactions to changing situations.  This also links nicely to our residential in Woodlands at the end of November.  In the middle part of the term our topic and literacy learning will take a Geography focus when we will be using maps of The Brecon Beacons to explore hills, mountains coasts and rivers and atlases to improve our knowledge of counties and cities in the UK by exploring their human and physical geographical characteristics. Revisiting “The Arrival” towards the end of term will link in with our science topic: light and we will be re-writing part of the story as a playscript and acting it out with our own shadow puppets. In maths, Year 5 will be looking at special groups of numbers such as multiples, factors, cubes, squares and primes before going on to multiplying and dividing by powers of 10, ending the term with area and perimeter.  Year 6 will be practising multiplication and division methods before looking at common multiples and factors which they will be applying to their learning about fractions and performing calculations with them.  Our PE continues to be swimming on Wednesday afternoons and we will be learning hockey on Thursday afternoons.