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Panther Class

Term 6 Home Learning for Panther Class


Dear Panther Parents/Carers, 

As the lockdown progresses, eases and evolves, inevitably, so is our approach to supporting you and your families with home learning.  Class dojo pages will still be running as a platform for contact with your child(ren)’s class teachers and for the coming term, our home learning support is explained in the documents below:

Reading, Spelling, English and Topic learning: 

lasses will be following the same topic themes with learning relevant to their specific year group.  We hope this is helpful for those of you who are supporting children from more than one year group at home.  In addition, please continue to encourage your child(ren) to read and take quizzes on Accelerated Reader  Remember, you can use this bookfinder website to check the level of books.

Maths Learning: 

In order to maintain continuity in our maths learning we will be making use of the White Rose Maths Hub video lessons, links are on the document below; we will also be posting a zip-file of each week’s White Rose worksheets which accompany the videos below.  White Rose provide 4 lessons a week and a challenge sheet on a Friday which will be on our Maths fun page as they are released.


In addition to this, the children will be set tasks on MyMaths that link to the same theme as the White Rose lessons. We have decided to do this to allow you to choose between online and offline tasks to suit your child and family circumstances (links on the document below.)  You will have been emailed your child’s log in details for MyMaths, but please do contact us on Dojo if you cannot find them.  You can also continue to do daily practice on TTRS.


Life Skills: 

Miss Brombley has mapped out which life skills badges you could choose to work towards linked to the topic learning, this document is below. All the documents for each Life Skills Badge stream are also available on the website 

Creative Learning: 

Our fantastic team of TAs are continuing to find exciting creative learning projects for you which can be found here 


Visit this link for the school’s website to access wellbeing advice and activities.   

Open the Book: 

Our amazing volunteers are still creating wonderful videos for you to enjoy in place of their weekly assemblies, use this link to view them 


Please continue to share your wonderful work and photographs with us via your Class Dojo pages – it really is helping us all to still feel connected .   

Keep smiling, take care and stay safe 


Mrs Butler and Mrs Chandler, part of The Team at St Nic's




Panther Class Home Learning - Term 5 2019-2020

During these strange times, our priority is the wellbeing of all of our St Nic’s children and their families.  We understand that juggling your own working at home commitments with trying to help your children with their education is tricky.  For that reason, the term 5 learning we are setting is based around projects, games, open-ended investigations and online activities.  This approach will enable your children to work as independently as possible revising all of the learning that they have gained so far this year. Everything you need is here on the school website (although we will set the extra optional tasks on class dojo as and when links and inspiration comes to us!); there is no requirement for you to print or submit work, however, please continue to post photos, messages and comments on class dojo – it is imperative that we all still feel connected in this way.  We’re still here to help – albeit virtually!

We suggest that tasks which should be completed daily, and independently (with approximate durations) are:

  • My mini maths – 20 minutes
  • TTRS (for those children who were still doing this regularly at school) (10 minutes)
  • Spelling practise – 20 minutes
  • Reading for pleasure (minimum of 20 minutes)
  • Being active ( 60 minutes, fitness or skills-based activities)


Remember, the following websites are additional useful sources of reference for you in supporting your child with their learning:

Mrs Ambrose’s Maths Group:

  • Indoor maths game 2: Salute  - this game needs 2 children as the contestants and either an older child or an adult to help set up and play. Each child has a number stuck to their head and they have to work out what it is by looking at their opponents number and from facts given by the leader (for example: the sum of the two numbers is 26).
  • Indoor maths game 3: Multiplication bingo - again this games needs a leader and at least 2 children to play.
  • Fun maths game 1: Scavenger hunt - this is involves collecting objects as close to a specified size or weight. The winner is the one who finds the object closest to the size or weight specified.
  • Hands on maths game 2: The 24 game - this needs a pack of cards and at least 2 players. Each player picks 4 number cards from the pack. The winner is the one who can get closest to 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the numbers on the cards.
  • Dice maths game 2: The Pig dice game - this can be played by only 1 player with one dice although more than 1 player can play. The players take turns to roll the dice and if it isn’t a 1 they roll again and add the 2 numbers together. The aim is to try and reach 100. If you roll a 1 you lose all your points.  
  • Card maths game 2: First to 100 - this very quick game needs a pack of cards and some paper and at least 2 players. All  the players take a card from the pack and keep taking one, adding up the numbers each time (picture cards are worth 10). The first person to reach 100 wins.


So far this year, your children have covered many maths topics, in addition to their daily my mini maths and TTRS time, choose from the following activities to revise their knowledge:


Year 5 and Year 6:





  • Continue with 3 x weekly spelling activities.
  • In addition, have a go at the Year 5/6 crosswords and wordsearches– why not create your own too?
  • Continue using

Reading, Writing and Grammar


  • Continue to enjoy sharing your books with your family and use the prompt questions that we sent home in your original home learning pack.  Remember too to read for pleasure by yourself – you can read books, magazines, newspapers – anything you can get your hands on!
  • Remember to make use of this link to listen to free audio books and write recommendations on class dojo for your classmates
  • You can also now use this link to do AR quizzes – which is fantastic news.  Remember that your quizzing must be done independently and you should have the book by your side – you won’t be able to pause the quiz like we do in class though, so make sure you only start a quiz when you have enough time to finish it.
  • Reading comprehension tasks – Year 5 and Year 6, please complete one of these per week.



  • Write a “pobble 365” story.  Visit and use the images and story starters to get the imagination going for some scintillating story writing.
  • I have also set some creative writing tasks - see below.



Useful Websites



Below is a link to lots of different mindfulness activities you can do at home to try and reduce anxiety and take some time out for yourself. I’m a big fan of the mindful jar!


Outdoor fun

This link will take you to lots of different outdoor activities you can try in your garden… I made the nettle soup which was actually quite tasty!


Keeping fit and active!

Remember you have all of these options below to keep yourselves moving and stay fit and active! I love Joe Wicks work outs but also enjoy a little bit of yoga too

Kidz Bop - guided dance:

Cosmic Yoga: choice of energising, calming, focus and mindfulness sessions

NHS Change4Life shake up games (these allow you to be creative and invent their own routines to your own music)

Oti Mabuse


Science fun!

There are some great indoor science experiments in the link below that use all household items… why not try making some invisible ink with lemon juice?!