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Owl Class Yr3 and Yr4

Welcome to Owl Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.





For more information on this term's learning, please see the learning overview below:



Term 3 - Learning Overview : Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers

Term 3 Week 3

This week in Owls, we have been learning about the Water Cycle and the benefits each stage has! Safe to say some of the children were shocked at how vital the Water Cycle is to the survival of this earth. It was great to the children applying all their Scientific vocabulary when looking at the condensation( boiling water on cling film) and their predictions based on all of their knowledge about the water cycle.


In Art we have been completing our final outcome of a print inspired by the great William Morris. The children were enthusiastic and were extremely careful with practicing their printing skills and it was amazing to see how clearly their prints came out. The children have taken great care in creating their Art work and ensuring it follows the style of William Morris. They should be proud of themselves for being so passionate about William Morris, which is evident in their final outcome. I will be sure to post these on their portfolios so you can all have a look and enjoy what they have done!

Term 3 Week 2

It has a been fantastic to have Owls back for our first full week! They have put in so much effort this week and I think it should be celebrated that they have tried so hard in the lunch hall at lunchtime to be calm and polite. Well done, Owls! 


This week we have started our new Science topic which is all about the water cycle. It was lovely to hear the children using their prior knowledge of Solids, Liquids and Gases. We have been learning about the main stages of the water cycle and how the water cycle works. They have done really well at using their new vocabulary in Science and ensuring they apply this to their work. 


On Tuesday, we began our new History topic, this is all about the History of the British Isles. We looked at different History periods in teams and tried to order them in chronological order. Creating a large timeline across the tables. The children loved this activity and tried hard with their reasoning and adding the dates. Our next step is to look at some of the incredible inventions created within the British Isles. 

In preparation for print making, we have been researching William Morris. Owl class have produced some beautiful case study pages on William Morris and have begun to copy some of his beautiful designs. 

Term 2 Week 6


This week in Owl class we have been looking at the Christmas Truce with the ceasefire on Christmas day during WW1. The children have become extremely invested in this and were so thoughtful in their contributions. In English, the children embodied a soldier from WW1 and wrote about their thoughts and feelings during this time. The children have really thought about this and their responses were both compassionate and heart-warming.


In PE this week, it is safe to say Owl class thoroughly enjoyed creating  dance routines to Christmas music. Within the first five minutes many of the children have produced lots of dynamic moves. It’s incredible to see such progress from when we first started our dance unit and the children have really developed in the way they communicate their ideas as part of a team. The children’s skill level is increasing and it was nice to see such a wide range of movements this week that we had not seen previously.


Owl class, along with other classes produced baubles for their Christmas service. The children in Owl class showed their artistic skills really well and it was nice that the children took time in their design. Really focusing on the message of Christmas and how we can be kind to each other.

Term 2 Week 5


In Owl class this week we have been looking at Skara Brae, the best-preserved Neolithic settlement found on the Orkney islands. As a class we discovered lots of pictures of the prehistoric village and how advanced the structures actually were. Looking particularly at the features of a Stone Age house such as; a central hearth, bed areas and toilets. The children were amazed at how developed these houses were and how much thought had been put into its infrastructure. 


In PE this week, within our dance topic, the children focused on emotive dancing to a slower beat song. We discussed how dancing to slower music can be challenging in comparison to music with speed. Both myself and Mrs Alexander were blown away by the effort and teamwork the children portrayed. The children have developed so much since the start of the topic and it is clear that through each week their confidence is progressing. The children incorporating lots of Gymnastics into their routines and their balance was incredible when doing certain tricks. 

Term 2 Week 4


This week in Owl class, we have been working on our non-chronological reports for our English. I am amazed at how these reports have turned out on daily life in the Stone Age. The colours and detail the children have placed into these is amazing and the level of independence was something to be proud of. This will be amazing to make into one large book and it is lovely to see the children's writing progressing well with something they are passionate about. 


In Art, the children produce a picture using oil pastels and paper, to show Stonehenge with a shadow effect. The children used a range of colours and it was lovely to see the children taking their own approach and expressing themselves so well. They worked hard at blending their colours and had great fun looking at each other's, noticing all the good things they had been working 


In PE this week, I think it is safe to say Mrs Alexander and I were blown away by the children's dance routines. This week the children chose their music and worked alongside their chosen groups to choreograph and perform routines. We discussed that this week's aim was to really concentrate on communicating with each other and using rhythm. The children performed with confidence and skill and collaborated really well. 







Term 2 Week 3


This week in Owl Class, we started our new DT topic of gears, levers and pulleys. We then gave the children different classroom resources for them to create their own mechanisms. It was amazing to see such creativity in what the children produced and how well they worked as a team. Using these skills, they are now going to begin making their prototypes of a mechanism that may have been used to move the stones at Stonehenge. I'm sure we are all excited to see how their designs turn out!


In PSHE this week, we have been looking at different types of families. The children loved sharing their family stories. We celebrated that families come in all shapes and sizes and that each unique family is an amazing support system. They took great pride in drawing their family's pictures and were so understanding that everyone had different family situations. Discussing how not only can our families support us, but we can also support out families.


Owl class had a great time at the cinema this week. Thank you to you all for getting permission slips in on time! The children had an amazing time and all staff said they were extremely well mannered and respectful regarding other members of the public. They should be proud of how they have conducted themselves and safe to say they have won some whole class dojos.

Term 2 week 2


This week in Owl class, we have started our new Science unit about rocks. The children had a fantastic time using the school's new rock samples. Investigating the different types of rock and looking at whether all rocks are hard and grey. The children were very keen to learn and enjoyed using the guides to ask questions about the rock and used their deduction skills to decide what type of rock they had been given. 


Our science linked well to our topic the Stone Age, as we were studying tools and hunting devices made from stone. Miss Tugwell kindly brought lots of flint in for the children to touch and explore. This gave them lots of inspiration and the children designed their own Stone Age tools, thinking about all the materials they could use.


In PE this week, for dance our theme was Irish dancing. We were focusing on the skills of using our feet and relying less on arm movement, as well as facial expressions. The children took this in their stride and came up with some dynamic and energetic routines. They were brilliant at focusing on their feet and really taking the time to plan and rehearse effectively. Well done to all those who performed to the class because it can be really scary and it was amazing to see so many of them getting up and having a go!

Term 2 Week 1


This week in Owls we have started our band new topic The Stone Age! It was so amazing to see all the children take such an active interest in this History topic. They contributed lots of incredible questions and were keen to learn more. We were looking at the three key time periods in the Stone Age; the Paleolithic Stage, the Mesolithic Stage and the Neolithic stage. In our lessons, we focused on the development and innovation going through the periods. They enjoyed sorting the different categories of agriculture and climate etc into these time periods.


In P.E this week, we have started our new topic for indoor P.E of Dance. The theme of dance this week was magic and the children loved creating dances to music from Harry Potter. The children used a range of movements and tried really hard to communicate their ideas in a group setting, working well as a team. The children got the chance to perform these routines to each other and I was impressed with the positive peer feedback each group received.


In English both myself and Mr Chadwick have been blown away by the children diary entries from different characters in the Stone Age Boy. The children really zoomed in on their writing. Focusing really well on emotion and some amazing similes.

Term 1 - Project Overview Potions

Term 1 Week 7


This week in Owl Class we have been looking at persuasive techniques. The passion and drive behind the children when discussing pollution and how we can save the planet was truly inspiring. The children have teamed up to create adverts including lots of persuasive techniques and they have worked really hard to get these up and running.  


In Gymnastics this week, the children loved using the giant climbing frame in the hall. It was lovely to see everyone taking responsibility and being sensible around the equipment. Everyone encouraged each other and safe to say they enjoyed having a new challenge to overcome.  


In year groups, Owl class walked down to the church and took part in prayer space. They enjoyed all the different activities, particularly enjoying the calm atmosphere and having different stations they could go to. Owl class loved this time to reflect and speak to people who were so passionate about Christian values. 

Term 1 Week 6


This week in Owl Class we have been lots of fun activities. We had the police visit and they even parked their car on the playground! The children loved meeting them and asked lots of great questions that they have always wanted to ask. The police officers kindly allowed the children to use the equipment and sit in the police car, safe to say Owl class were extremely excited to have this opportunity. 


As part of our topic the children designed their own potion bottles in their sketch books and came out with loads of amazing ideas as to what their potion could be for. They then constructed their potion bottles and goblets out of clay, using lots of different techniques we had looked at. It was amazing to see the children taking such ownership and pride in their creations.

In Gymnastics, Owl class made some truly incredible Gymnastics routines, using all the skills we have learnt this term. Working as a team they created routines with lots of movements, balances and utilised those who could do certain Gymnastics techniques. Their teamwork and independence was truly inspiring.

Term 1 week 5


This week in Owls, linked to our Potion topic, we made our very own lava lamps! The children thoroughly enjoyed making these and watching the reaction from adding solids, liquids and gases together. They loved picking their own colours and thank you for everyone who donated bottles for this to happen.


In English this week the children have been creating their own scenes from the book 'George's Marvellous Medicine', with the intention of punctuating speech. They were given the task of acting out a creative scene with speech, but were given the challenge to act the scene with just their voices and no movement. As always Owl Class rose to the challenge and created some fantastic pieces of drama, many of which had the whole class laughing.


In Maths, we have been looking at comparing numbers and greater than/less that. All the children gave this a good go and it was incredible to have all children contributing and being so engaged. The class have received lots of whole class Dojos this week so their contributions and setting such a good example in assembly.  

Term 1 Week 4


This week the children had a fantastic time doing several whacky Science experiments, focusing on our Science topic; solids, liquids and gases. We were very lucky to have Mrs Ambrose demonstrate the coke and mentos experiment, using her special device to make the explosion even bigger! Thank you, Mrs Ambrose! We looked in detail about the changes of state looking at dissolving and how gases effect this process.


In Maths, we have been focusing on rounding this week. Owl class have done well at rising to the challenge and were very resourceful when using their number lines to help them.  As part of Maths, for our morning work we have set up a battle with Year 3's vs the Year 4's on TT Rockstars. It would be great if the children can get lots of practice done at home to help their team win.

Term 1 week 3


This week in Owl Class, we have been focusing on our oral skills when presenting to the class. The children had a fantastic time doing their own scene, using the poem from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They did brilliantly in their groups, finding different props and different styles ranging from scary to comedy in their poetry adaptations.  It was amazing to see such fantastic teamwork and how imaginative they were being with their adaptations.



With our Potion topic this week, we have looked at different Potion scenes and how they are portrayed in Art. The children then created their own story scene for their desired potion and used watercolours to portray their scenes, which are both beautiful and imaginative.


In P.E. this week we used the apparatus in Gymnastics. It was wonderful to see Owl class applying their balancing skills from prior learning and all challenging themselves to use the vault. They worked well as a team and it was amazing to see the children applying themselves and working so well to ensure everybody got a turn.

Term 1 Week 2


Owl class have become poets this week, creating a variety of poems focusing of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, George’s Marvellous medicine and had great fun creating their very own tongue twisters! They have enjoyed making lots of disgusting rhymes and using their imagination to write lots of humorous poems.   


Within our Potion topic, focusing on the States of Matter in Science, we had a fantastic time this week conducting our own science experiments around the velocity of different liquids. Using a ramp, stop watches and lots of different substances, it was great to see such independence as they worked as a team and led their own fair tests. Also in our topic, we looked at different portrayals of Potions in Art. The children then had discussion about how we can appreciate Art and created their own art work based around a Potions, it was brilliant to see the children express themselves through Art and have an outlet for their creative ideas. 


In P.E the children created their own Gymnastic routines using dynamic movement to find different ways to travel across the mats as a team. Mrs Alexander and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their performances and gave them all a fantastic score of 10! 

Term 1 week 1


Owls have had a fantastic first full week. They have settled in really well coming back to school and are very happy that they have their own classroom back. We have started our new topic of Potions for this term, focusing on the History of medicine this week. The children have really enjoyed exploring herbal remedies and have created their own healing potions from points in History. It was brilliant to see such amazing teamwork when starting our new topic in Gymnastics, focusing this week on balance. It was incredible to see such teamwork when planning and performing their routines to the class.

Miss Batty

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