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Owl Class Year 2 & 3

Welcome to Owl Class!


Here you will find lots of information about our projects. Each term we will add information about what we are learning in class as well as some useful resources for you to use to support with your child at home.


This term our theme is Land Ahoy, where will work as geographers to find out about different oceans, continents, weather patterns across the globe and work as historians to learn about Francis Drake's 1577 expedition to circumnavigate the globe by sea, using primary and secondary sources to do this.  We will work in role as the crew of the Marigold, who formed part of the five fleet of ships, under command of Captain Winter, before forming a new team as a modern day expert aquatic salvage squad commissioned to find and explore the supposed wreck of a ship shipwrecked in 1578.


For more information on this term's learning, please see the learning overview below:

Land Ahoy Term Overview - Term 5 Owl Class

Week 3


This week in Owl Class we have been writing an informal letter home in role as Miranda the Explorer, describing some of the incredible sights and sounds we've seen.  This is in preparation for a letter written in role as a member of the Marigold crew, next week.  In our Mantle work we have reached the point where some of the crew realised we were heading further south east, rather than going west to Africa.  Much discussion ensued as the real purpose of the trip was revealed by Drake and choices had to be made.  We considered the difference between pirates and privateers and pondered why the Spanish believed Drake to be a pirate.

In maths we have been tackling multiplication, recapping that it is repeated addition of the same number, how writing multiplication calculations links to this and working on using our times tables facts to solve problems with remainders.  

In RE, we have started looking at Sikhism and the high importance Sikhs place on sharing and equality.  In art we explored real historical pirate flags, considered their purpose and designed one of our own.

In Science, we have been learning about Human Survival, and last week we thought about why shelter is important and how to make one to protect our ‘mini-me’s.  Despite the awful weather last Monday most were still standing.  The importance of water will be our next step in our mission. You should expect your children to be studying their urine over the next few days!


This week, leaves go to all the Year 3s, who have been excellent computing mentors to the Year 2s, supporting their first efforts on Purple Mash and troubleshooting issues as they have arisen.  An excellent team effort!

Max has also been working really hard on his sentence work with Mrs Richards and has been aiming high.

Week 2

This week in our Mantle work as part of the Marigold crew we have tussled with the moral problems of being asked, by Francis Drake, to plunder a Spanish port and vessel in the Cape Verde islands.  We have considered different points of view and how it might have felt to have been on board at this point in history.  


In our English lessons, where we have explored the picture book ‘Miranda the Explorer’, following Miranda on her travels round the globe, finding the places she visited and recording these on our own maps.  We have also written up and illustrated our family recipes ready for publication. In our reading, we have reached a very exciting point in our Knights and Bikes class book and cannot wait to find what is hidden beneath the ancient trapdoor! 


In computing, we have started introducing Purple Mash and the children are exploring coding using it in small groups, which they are really enjoying, whilst in maths we have completed our work on subtraction and addition and have now moved onto multiplication, looking at arrays (an arrangement of objects in rows or columns of the same length) and some 3d shape work.

Term 2 Artwork. Hundertwasser inspired clay house fronts and watercolour urban landscape paintings of Bethlehem

Week 1

This week we have been making our first steps into the voyage of Francis Drake and his fleet of five ships that he claimed were embarking on a trade mission to Africa in 1577.  We have explored the galleon ships that were part of the expedition and the kind of lives those aboard might have on an extended mission.  We are now working in role within our Mantle story as the experienced crew of the Marigold and have left Plymouth.  We are currently sailing in the North Atlantic Ocean, hoping that the forecast of storms isn't true.  Whilst undertaking this expedition we have begun to revisit our geographical knowledge of the oceans and continents of the world and the weather patterns across the globe, as well as working as historians to explore the life of a significant figure.  

In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction methods and in art we have been using watercolours to recreate world maps, using the Ortelius map, which Drake used, as our inspiration.

Information on Accelerated Reader (AR)

Class Reading Book System for Parents of Year 3 Children


When children are in Year 3 at St Nics they move from Book Bands to the Accelerated Reader (AR) reading book system.  This system accurately assesses their reading level via a short online AR Star assessment, which ensures they are reading books that are enjoyable and provide enough of a challenge, without being too difficult (AR calls this their ZPD.  I call it their Goldilocks Zone)  The assessment gives each child a reading level range and they choose their reading books from within that range.


After they have read a book, they take a short online comprehension quiz on it, which builds on the reading skills we teach in our reading lessons and assesses their comprehension of the text, which helps us to spot gaps and ensure all children are making really good progress with their reading. 


To get a complete idea of the AR system and how we teach Reading for Meaning at St Nics, click on the Introduction to AR Powerpoint below.

Term 1- Heroes and Villains

Term 2- Street Detectives