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Open the Book Stories






The Open the Book Bible Stories for Term 3 at St Nicholas School

January – February 2021





This term, members of the Open the Book team will be reading stories from the Lion Storyteller Bible which we use when we come into school on a Thursday morning.


  1. Samuel Hears a Voice   Read by Jenny Penfold

Although Samuel was only a young boy, he was chosen by God to be a prophet. A prophet is someone who God chooses to speak for him. Someone He can talk to, who would then go and talk to the people and pass on His messages. There are many prophets in the Bible and Samuel was one of the first.


      2. David the Giant-Killer   Read by Peter Rumsey

In the Bible we read about people God choses to do special jobs for him. Did you know that God doesn’t only choose grown-ups? Today our story is about a young boy called David. David trusted God to help him and we can ask God to help us too. In this story David asks God to help him with a VERY BIG PROBLEM called Goliath.


       3. The Wise King     Read by Mary Mann

David, the boy in last week’s story, grew up to be a wise and good king. When he died, his son, who was called Solomon became king.  Solomon learned that being a king was not an easy job and sometimes he had to make difficult decisions. Solomon learned that he needed God’s help to be a wise king.


         4. Jonah the Groaner     Read by Linda Hopkins

Jonah was another of God’s prophets, but he didn’t do his job very well. When God asked him to visit a city to tell the people they must change their bad ways, Jonah knew it would be difficult so he moaned and groaned and …...ran away


5. Daniel and the Lions     Read by Nigel Langford

Sometimes we find it hard to do the right thing.  Daniel was told that he shouldn’t pray to God but he believed it was the right thing to do. He risked being eaten by lions if he continued to pray to God.