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Open the Book Stories

 Here you will find the stories that the Open the Book team would have shared with the pupils on a Thursday morning.  

The Two Sons


A story about making the right choices.


Read by Nigel.



A Brave and Mighty Man


A story about trust read by Linda Hopkins



Across The River


This is a story about keeping sage and is read by Reverend Alec Gill.



Paintings by Mary Mann

This is called Renovation
Which way up?
Bristol floating harbour
A copy of a photograph taken in 1964
A lock at Manchester on the Rochdale canal

The Boy in the Temple


A story about being thankful for families

The Long Journey


A story to be thankful for food.

The Lost Coin


A story about how precious we all are, just like the coin.

The Good Shepherd


This story is often called The Lost Sheep. One sheep runs away and although the shepherd has many others, he goes in search and finds the lost sheep, this shows how important each individual is to God.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector


In our story these two people are in the temple praying. The Pharisee thanks God for making him 'better than other people' and definitely better than the tax collector.

the tax collector admits to being a sinner and asks God to forgive him. 

However bad the tax collector has been, God forgives him as he is truly sorry and will try to put things right.

The Seriously Surprising Story


The Seriously Surprising Story follows two friends of Jesus from Jerusalem to Emmaus (and back). Let the mystery unfold of the greatest story ever told!

2/4/2020 A Soldier's Story read by Jenny Penfold