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This terms value is Courage

Activities to do


Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong 

(1 Corinthians 16:13) 


Did you know that the etymological origin of the word courage is cor, the latin for heart. To have courage is to have heart. 


Richard I of England was known as Coeur de Lion (Lion Heart) for his bravery. 


There are also expressions that we use every day, idioms, which build on this link: 

Take heart- to be encouraged 

Faint heart- to lack courage 

Find it in your heart – to find the courage of love to do something. 


In the 13th Century, Thomas Aquinas described courage as “brave endurance”. He explained that those who show true courage not only cope with things that are difficult to them but consider the needs of others at the same time. 


Thinking about this link between hearts, love and courage, we would like you to create a heart that you can share with our community as a sign of encouragement to keep going at this unusual time. It will act as a reminder that: 

  • Staying home is courageous. 
  • Working in critical jobs is courageous. 
  • That we may all have moments where we are worried or scared, but we will come through this together.
  • We are still in one another’s thoughts.


Your heart could be: 

  • A drawing or painting or collage in a window. 
  • An arrangement of pot-plants outside your house. 
  • Something chalked on your wall, path or driveway. 
  • A giant piece of artwork made in your garden using everyday items that can be seen from above. 

You could fill your heart with bright colours, the names of people you love, the jobs of people you think are showing courage, pictures of things that help you feel positive. 


When you have made your heart, we would love to see a picture of it on the community Facebook Page as well as having an email to the school office so we can add them to our website.