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Panther class fundraising event - save the rainforest

St Nicolas C of E Primary School

East Challow, Wantage,

OX12 9RY


November 7th 2018


Dear Panther Class

Thank you so much for sending me your letters letting us know of your fund-raising event for Riak Bumi. I have shared your letters with my colleagues here and we are all very impressed - not only by your beautifully written letters, but especially by your hard-work in holding the fund-raising event and your commitment to the Indonesian rainforest and its people and species.

I think you all deserve a special mention, because it was all of your letters together that helped us understand what a great fund-raiser you held, sooo…

Well done Neve for raising a fifth of the total all on your own - what an achievement!

Thank you to Lexie and Sienna for being so involved and for letting us know who ran the events. I think from what you say in your letters, it was Joshua W, Neve, Gracie, Charlotte, Kayleigh, Samuel, Josh Ryan and Louis. Well done all of you! That must have been quite a lot of work!

Thank you to all those who did the very important job of promoting the fund-raiser, such as Lilian and Owen, that’s such an important job, as without you there wouldn’t have been anyone there.

Thank you also to Aimee for getting involved in the fund-raiser and for letting us know that Miss Butler helped you all organise it.

Thank you to Alfie, Samuel and Caleb for telling us how much you enjoyed your visit here and how we inspired your class to raise money. It was really nice to know this, as it is why we all come to work at The Living Rainforest every day, so that our visitors have a good time, but also so they can learn about the problems rainforests have and how they can help.

Joseph, Jonas, Erin and Faythe, it was great to hear from you how concerned you are about deforestation and the problems being faced by the orangutans. The fact that you understand the link so well means that you can keep telling other people about it - and letting people know what is happening is one of the most important factors in getting things to change for the better.

Louis and Martha, thank you for telling us in detail how all the events worked (and who did well in them!) and for explaining the Rainforest Alliance Certificate logo and what it means so well. Again, it is clear you understand the importance of shopping for products which have the RAC logo and so you can educate other people about what this logo means and encourage them to shop more responsibly too.

Joshua W and Lilian, I know you are very keen for the children of Riak Bumi to see your letters. I don’t know whether they will be able to read them in English, but even if they can’t, it would be great for them to know that children in the United Kingdom share their concerns about their rainforest and want to help, so we are looking into ways of making this happen.

Finally, a great big ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you, for raising £35 for Riak Bumi. You have done an amazing thing!

Kind regards,

Melanie Booth

Education Officer

(on behalf of all the Living Rainforest Education Team)