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Term 5 - Can we explore it?

Week 3

Inspired by a story called Dinosaurs’ Day Out...

We’ve been helping Dexter and Daisy find out how to prepare for a journey to visit their friend Delilah, and discussing what they might need for the trip.

The storybook includes lots of interactive maps and we have been teaching the children how to get somewhere using maps. We have all learned that we can read signs, using symbols we see (also known as environmental print), such as the signs for petrol, a cafe, toilets, a school, hospital. Also symbols/pictures on menus in a restaurant, and on the TV, for example the weather forecast (all these things were touched on in the book and we have discussed and played to further develop the children’s interests).

The children noticed signs for landmarks on the dinosaurs journey, such as a castle, windmill, bridge over the river and an Airport. We have been extending this learning by making our own maps with landmarks including ponds and forests.

We have also been practising taking left and right turns at junctions on the maps, and talking about different ways we can travel (fly, drive, rail, sail, walk, run, ride). The children have been keen to discuss their own recent journeys and places they have been exploring, past holidays and how they travelled to these places (and what they ate when there!). Some brilliant conversations have taken place and the children are learning about conversations in social situations, when to talk and when to listen.

We will be continuing with our exploring theme throughout Term 5 and will keep you posted about these adventures...

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