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Falcon Class Year 3 and 4


Antarctic Adventure


This term we will be working to answer the question, “What is the greatest threat to the Antarctic?”


We will do this by thinking about the importance of the Antarctic, in the past, present and future.

We will learn about Sir Earnest Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition in the early 20th Century and find out how the photographs taken then have helped scientists today to understand environmental change. In our English lessons we will write our own account of an Antarctic Expedition using video footage from the BBC’s Frozen Planet as inspiration. From online research, we will find out how and why the equipment used in the Antarctic has changed over the last 100 years.

In science, we will find out about how animals adapt to suit their habitats, focusing on the differences between our local area and the Antarctic. We will investigate the human behaviors that have an impact across the globe and decide what we could do differently.

Finally, in maths, we will be looking at mental addition and subtraction followed by calculations with larger numbers using a written method. We will use these skills to help us to solve a range of problems that an explorer might encounter.