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E-Safety - Help your child to stay safe online


At St Nicholas C of E Primary School, we strongly believe that digital literacy and e-safety are an integral part of children’s education in today’s increasingly interconnected and digital world.


Our curriculum aims to ensure that children become digitally literate at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active, responsible and safe participants in a digital world.


We regularly talk to children about e-safety and how to stay safe online.


We also ensure that parents are able to improve their understanding of e-safety issues in order to support and safeguard their children’s online experiences.

Communication is essential in supporting and safeguarding a child’s digital usage. We would recommend talking with your child about e-safety and would encourage you to monitor their online activity.


What can I do to keep my child safe online?


  1. Have the conversation early and often - see the guide to 7 Questions to help start a conversation below.

  2. Explore online together.

  3. Know who your child is talking to online.

  4. Set rules and agree boundaries.

  5. Make sure that content is age-appropriate.

  6. Use parental controls to filter, restrict, monitor or report content.

  7. Check they know how to use privacy settings and reporting tools.

  8. Ensure that they know to talk to a trusted adult about anything they have encountered which has made them feel uncomfortable or worried.


We would also highly recommend and which have a range of suggestions for the kinds of activities children engage in online, some of the issues which might affect them and advice on how best to support and safeguard these online experiences.

We have also included a range of platform specific parent guides from the excellent National Online Safety to help advise how best to keep your children safe online when using specific apps, platforms and games.







Do you know what online games your children play or what apps they're accessing on their mobile/tablet? Use the links below to find out more:



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FIFA                                                            YouTube                                                  Online Grooming      


APP Store                                                     Kik                                                          Reddit                                   


Grand Theft Auto                                          Catfishing                                                Screen Addiction


Fornite                                                         Engaging with parents                               Sexting


Minecraft                                                      Fake news                                                Tik Tok


Roblox                                                         House Party                                              Twitch


Instagram                                                    Live.Me                                                     Twitter


Snapchat                                                     Live Streaming                                           Yubo


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