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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Dolphin Class


Here in Dolphin Class we celebrate reading in all its forms.


Each week we all have a chance to share and talk about books we love.


We are so inspired by what we read that we regularly make our own class publications to sell by donation.


Past publications have included our Funny Jokes and Riddles book, an Amazing Maps information books and, most recently, the first edition of our class magazine, The Wishing Tree.


The love of stories is woven into much of our learning.


We learn stories and songs to tell and write about and

create our own stories to work within as part of our Mantle of the Expert work.


In our Mantle work, we study the curriculum whilst working within a story,

cast as a responsible team undertaking a job for an imaginary client.


An important part of this work is to help children learn and deepen their skills of understanding and empathy.


Within the classroom, we have a role play area, which the children help to determine and create. This provides valuable experience for us to write, calculate and enjoy in imaginary play.

Spring Term Update: Ghanaian Adventure


This term Dolphin class will be embarking on a Ghanaian Adventure! 


We will be exploring the contrasts between life as a child in Challow and Tamale in Ghana.


We will be exploring and learning to tell the story, Grandma's List, which beautifully and

authentically tells a story of everyday life in Ghana (written by Ghananian author, Portia Dery).


Our Mantle of the Expert work will be centred around being a team of volunteers travelling to Tamale

to help the residents and school of Tamale.


We will be revisiting our work on oceans and also exploring the contrasting continents.


In maths we will be looking at buying items and getting change in coins, linking this to market stalls in Wantage and Tamale.  We will then be moving on to division and fractions.


In science we will be looking at the different types of animals that would be found in Ghana, as well as exploring how people might worship in churches or mosques in either country. 


For PE we will be exploring playground games from around the world. 


We will also be exploring Kente weaving patterns.


We be exploring healthy eating by making a healthy and traditional Ghanaian fruit salad. 


Lots to look forward to!