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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Dolphin Class

NEW! Weekly Book Swap at school will now be happening every Thursday from 11.30-1.30pm in the Giraffe Class garden.  Please bring your completed books to drop off and swap for new ones.  You can pick up two new reading books and also a free choice book each week.  Please observe 2m social distancing rules when on site and use the anti bac gel provided before touching the books.


Here in Dolphin Class we celebrate reading in all its forms.


Each week we all have a chance to share and talk about books we love.


We are so inspired by what we read that we regularly make our own class publications to sell by donation.


Past publications have included our Funny Jokes and Riddles book, an Amazing Maps information books and, most recently, the first edition of our class magazine, The Wishing Tree.


The love of stories is woven into much of our learning.


We learn stories and songs to tell and write about and

create our own stories to work within as part of our Mantle of the Expert work.


In our Mantle work, we study the curriculum whilst working within a story,

cast as a responsible team undertaking a job for an imaginary client.


An important part of this work is to help children learn and deepen their skills of understanding and empathy.


Within the classroom, we have a role play area, which the children help to determine and create. This provides valuable experience for us to write, calculate and enjoy in imaginary play.

Term 5: Alice in Wonderland


Welcome to Term 5! This term Dolphin Class were supposed to be undertaking an Oxford Adventure, but because of the current situation we will be doing things a little differently.  However, there are still lots of interesting things to look forward to!


Weekly Home Learning Packs will include challenges based around Alice in Wonderland, but we are very aware of the challenges faced by parents teaching at home.  Please see the packs as offering a variety of options for you to try with your child(ren).  Our top aim is the well being of you and your family and to keep the skills and knowledge ticking over, by doing some challenges each day in a manageable way.  All information will be posted on Class Dojo and within the Home Learning section of the website, so you can keep up with what's going on and see what others are doing. 


Most of our work will be based around the amazing adventure of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll (whose real name was Charles Dodgson).  He worked at Oxford University in Christchurch College, where we were going to visit.  We will be looking at the amazing story of Alice and the wonderful creatures she met in Wonderland!  The story begins with Alice in a meadow, which Lewis Carroll based on Christchurch Meadow in Oxford. Expect lots of exciting challenges based around this.  He wrote the book in 1865 during the Victorian times, around 160 years ago!  he wrote it for a real girl called Alice, who was a child of his friend, to entertain her.


Our history project will be to look at toys, think of changes within living memory and also to look at toys that Alice might have played with in Victorian times.  I'll be asking you to find out what toys other people in your family loved when they were little to see how things have changed.


In maths we will be continuing to go over things we have learned before, focussing on getting really confident with adding, subtracting, number bonds to 10, 20 and 100, halves and doubles and counting in 2, 5 10 and 3.


In DT we will be making our own wheeled toy, so put aside an egg box ready to have a go later in the term!


In science we will be looking at different types of animals and animal groupings and continue to look at plants.


For PE we will be continuing to keep fit and healthy, joining in with things like PE with Joe, or cosmic yoga and getting out and about on our daily walks.