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St Nicholas C of E Primary School East Challow

A caring community where all pupils are valued and achieve well.


The curriculum at St Nicholas has been developed following these four principles:


1. Learning starts with a 'Wow!' to stimulate awe, wonder, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.


2. Learning is pupil-led... the children generate questions and suggest topics/areas to investigate so that learning is shared and owned by the class.


3. Learning is real. Wherever possible learning should be 'hands on' with trips, visitors, memorable experiences and opportunities to participate in or engage with the topic being learned.


4. Learning ends with a 'Celebration' to create an end-product that shows off the learning that has taken place.


We are passionate about transforming the content of the new national curriculum into a daily experience for our pupils where learning is deep, rich and fun.


Our approach is summarised in this diagram:


Our Parents' Guide to the 2014 National Curriculum

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum that your child is following, please speak to their class teacher.