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School Garden




Here at St Nicks, we are really excited to be starting our journey to create a school garden and a forest school.

The school garden transformation has begun by clearing of the old sensory garden. We have saved any salvageable plants and structures, and are in the process of cleaning and repainting the fencing, and creating new vegetable beds from pallets.





From Easter, we will work with the children to plant vegetables, wildflowers and herbs and design and decorate the new garden.














We also hope to welcome a family of St Nicks Chics to a new coop very soon!












Phase 2 of our project from Autumn will be to start on our forest school adventures within the school grounds.


"No one will protect what they don't care about,

and no one will care about what they have never experienced"


~Sir David Attenborough~







What is Forest School?

AN FSA five minute introduction to 'What is Forest School?' A short but comprehensive look into the six principles what they do and why we need them.