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Panther Class Year 5 and 6

Crime and Punishment


This term, our topic is Crime and Punishment; Heroes or Villains? The poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes will be the inspiration for writing our own newspaper report. In order to do this we will be exploring the vocabulary he uses and will get to know the characters thinking about their different viewpoints of the events that occurred. We will be learning the difference between active and passive voice, reported and direct speech in order to write professional sounding articles.

We will also be using research and scientific thinking to explore these big questions:

  • How has the job of a criminal investigator changed throughout history?

  • Has science helped or hindered this process?

  • Why do investigators collect evidence, such as fingerprints, and how is it used?

  • How are forensics (DNA) and photography used in crime detection?

In maths, will be exploring the three functions of fractions: as a relationship, as a number and as an operation, using a variety of representations and equipment (including bar models, equivalency cubes and Cuisenaire rods) to solve a variety of problems. In addition, we will be continuing to practice our arithmetic and times tables fluency.