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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2


Commotion in the Ocean

This term we are looking at a Commotion in the Ocean, where we will be looking at how humans misuse of plastics affects the world and particularly how plastics have affected life in the oceans and beaches. In geography, we will be looking at the the map of the United Kingdom and oceans of the world, whilst in science we will be looking at ocean habitats and different kinds of animals.


We will be undertaking a new Mantle of the Expert project, working as a team of Eco Educators, helping to find a creative solution to a plastic pollution problem that has turned up on a beach on the south coast of England, causing the beach to close and tourists to stop coming. Can we find a creative way of solving the pollution problem, whilst persuading business owners to help the community change the way it uses and disposes of the disposable plastic it uses?


The term will end with everyone creating our own picturebooks to help inform and entertain young children about recycling.