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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Dolphin Class     


Extreme Explorers!
This term Dolphin class are going on an adventure!  We are following in the steps of intrepid explorers, looking at how people have explored extreme parts of the world, learning a little about the world's continents and oceans along the way.  In particular, we will be looking at how there are no barriers to exploring, by looking at the adventures of paraplegic explorer Karen Darke. 
We will also be working as part of the Extreme Adventure Rangers company, solving problems for extreme explorers, practising our rescue techniques and helping to plan their trips.  We will be finding out about the Arctic and the Nevada desert, learning to tell a text about Polar Bears, the sidewinder rattlesnake and then create our own writing about a fictitious animal of our own making that could live in an extreme environment. 
In art and design we will be experimenting with different media  to create our own Northern Lights images, looking at the work of Arctic artist Ted Harrison.  In maths we will be solving subtraction and addition problems to help plan a pretend Extreme Adventure Rangers trip.