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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Dolphin Class     


The Great Fire of London comes to Dolphin Class this term in our Fire Fire! theme.  In maths we will be imagining we are helping King Charles II in his attempts to save London, solving his fire fighting related addition and subtraction problems for him.  In English and history we will be learning about the facts of the events, learning a song to help us and investigating and considering whether the people in charge made the right choices when fighting the fire. Would we have made the same choices?


We will be making our own tudor houses in design and technology and exploring colour mixing to make flame colours in art. In dance and drama we will be exploring how the fire spread and what role the wind and weather played in the events.  Science will focus on the properties of different materials and how materials can change, looking at how the different housing materials might have affected the spread of fire.  In ICT will we be using the school ipads to explore the Fire of London story through an interactive game and to practise our tricky words spellings via the Spelling Shed app. We will also be rehearsing and planning for our nativity play and learning about the Christmas Story in RE.  We have a very exciting and busy term ahead!