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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Space Quest


This term, Dolphin Class are going on a Space Quest, exploring history within living memory through a focus on the first moon landing.  Alongside a focus on the events and the astronauts themselves, we will be looking at the other hidden figures behind the moon landing who made it possible.  We will be working in role as a team of writers, creating narratives of the story of the first moon landing from the points of view of some of the different people involved, imagining we are doing it for the children's NASA website.  This will involve looking more closely at issues around internet safety.


In science we will look at the basic human needs, considering what we would need if we went into space ourselves.


In maths we will be continuing to explore Puzzle Island and solve its mysteries, focussing on fractions, measures and applying our maths skills through general problem solving.  We will also be mixing art, dt and maths by creating precise space themed moving pictures.


Our art and music will focus around space images, looking at the beautiful hubble space telescope images.


In PE we will be beginning to learn some athletic skills outside, as the weather continues to improve.