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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Island Investigators


This term Dolphin Class are Island Investigators. We will be studying weather patterns, the oceans of the world, a contrasting island locality, and working on thinking scientifically through our work in role as a Island Disaster Assistance team, helping in the clear up on the island of Dominica after hurricane Maria. (Although this hurricane actually happened in 2017, we are imagining it is six months after the hurricane for our project). Our fictional client is the Dominican Government and our commission is to help the island recover, and to attract tourists to the island once again. In addition, we will be designing and making some kind of rain gauge to act as a monsoon predictor, to protect those people living in low lying areas who do not wish to move. Our writing will be based around this.

In maths we will be moving onto multiplication and division and more problem solving through Puzzle Island maths, where we will receive a mystery map to the island and have to solve the puzzles as we imagine our way round the island, defeating creatures such as dragons and trolls in order to discover and solve the mystery of Puzzle Island.