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Dolphin Class Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Dolphin Class     


This term Dolphin Class will be exploring the theme Under the Same Sky (using the beautiful picture book of the same name), with the rest of the school.  This theme explores and celebrates diversity, helping us to understand how we are all different but equal. 
We will begin with an exciting 3 week whole school project where we will work in role imagining we are an event planning company who receives a request from the King of Skytopia to help him create a successful celebration event for all the inhabitants of his land.  His land has only 100 people and between them they represent the diversity all the people in the world! (His land is loosely based on the facts given in the thought provoking picture book If the World was a Village). Our task will be to help him create a map that accurately represents his land and create a celebration that everyone can enjoy being part of.  We we will be researching food from different cultures and other elements we need to make a great event.  Our maths will be based around solving problems linked to the event planning.  This term we are continuing to focus mainly on multiplication and division problems.
Once we have held the celebration, we will spend the rest of the term learning our class story and focussing on inventing ones of our own.  We will at the lives of Rosa Parks and Millicent Fawcett and how their actions had a big impact on the world around them.  We will also be working together to add collage elements to our big images of places around the world that are up in our corridor.